Wild Hearts – Tame a World gone Wild

Wild Hearts

Created by EA Games, the award-winning Wild Hearts game is a unique take on the monster hunting genre that allows players to master ancient technologies to take down wild beasts. Globally-renowned creative studio, The Mill, created the cinematic trailer ahead of the game’s launch.

Titled “Tame a World Gone Wild,” the epic CG film reveals human characters struggling against an arsenal of imaginative monsters, teasing the game’s key themes.

To enhance the realism and believability of the human characters in the trailer, The Mill turned to DI4D. Head-mounted cameras were used to capture the facial performances of real actors simultaneously with body mocap and audio at Rouge Mocap’s LA stage. Our team then processed the HMC footage to derive high fidelity facial performance data, which was used to drive the final animation.

The Mill’s work earned Silver for 3D animation at the Shots Asia Pacific awards 2023.

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The Mill


8th February 2023

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