DI4D Technology

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DI4D Technology

The powerful 4D Reconstruction Pipeline consistently reproduces all of the nuance and subtle movements found in an actor’s facial performance. The solution enables virtual characters to be informed with the most photorealistic and convincing facial animation available. Based on our own PHD research, we’ve developed an unrivaled stereo photogrammetry system, capturing the full extent of an actor’s facial performance with two cameras firmly fitted in place on the DI4D HMC. Our optical flow tracking software picks up every single pixel, including blemishes and features, from each image. Every vertex in the mesh is tracked, ensuring consistency and detail.

This level of detail provides a foundation of high-fidelity motion data to generate character animations that capture every feature and characteristic of the actor’s performance.

DI4D Pro and DI4D HMC are the next-generation of 4D facial capture and processing technology. Harness the power of DI4D to produce high-fidelity, 4D, performance-driven facial animation. Our technology is already the preferred choice of the world’s leading creators of video games and blockbuster movies.

Bring digital humans to life with authentic facial expressions captured from an actor’s performance and translate it directly to their digital avatars. With our high-fidelity facial movement data, your studio can build life-like, high-fidelity replicas.

DI4D PRO System

Comprised of nine synchronised 12-megapixel machine vision cameras, the DI4D PRO system captures sequences of the highest fidelity, colour 4D facial performance data possible. The system uses standard video lighting eliminating the need for markers, make-up or structured light projection – shaving time off actor set-up to allow for more time on the actors’ performance.

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DI4D HMC System

DI4D HMC is a lightweight, easily adjustable head rig fitted with two small synchronized high-resolution digital video cameras, on-board LED lights, a compact video recording system and battery pack. For shoots that require dynamic facial capture with the free movement of actors, the DI4D HMC is the ideal solution.

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