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We are the world-leader in performance driven, facial animation services for highly realistic digital characters (digital doubles). Our proprietary 4D reconstruction pipeline reproduces every minute detail of an actor’s facial performance with precision, reconstructing a 3D scan for every video frame. This detailed surface information provides the foundation used to generate animations that capture the subtlety and intricacies of an actor’s performance, delivering the most lifelike digital doubles and virtual human characters.

A deep understanding of client service sits at the heart of DI4D. Our talented team of highly experienced engineers and motion editors will be dedicated and on-hand throughout the entirety of your project. Responsive and wholly focused on your success, we adapt our core 4D reconstruction technology to the requirements of your studio’s project. Let us know what you need and we’ll do everything that we can to make it happen.

We provide complete on-location shoot services using our DI4D HMC or DI4D PRO systems to capture real life performances. This then feeds directly into our advanced, post-processing service to generate the most realistic facial animation achievable today. We slot perfectly into your studio’s facial animation pipeline to deliver direct point-cache animation applied to your mesh. If you have a facial animation challenge, talk to us and we can tailor the best solution available.


PURE4D is the world’s most precise pipeline for digital double facial animation. Utilising the DI4D PRO system, DI4D HMC system and advanced machine learning technology, PURE4D delivers unrivalled faithfulness to performance and high-fidelity facial animation for the next generation of video games.

Highest Fidelity

The DI4D PRO system is used to acquire high fidelity 4D facial expression data. The DI4D HMC system is used to capture accurate 4D facial performance data, simultaneously with body motion capture.

Machine Learning

Leading-edge, machine learning algorithms efficiently combine both sets of data to significantly increase the scalability of the solution, making it ideal for large scale projects.

No Rig Required

PURE4D does not require a traditional facial animation rig, significantly reducing complexity and cost from the delivery of any project, and improving the fidelity of the results.

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The DI4D PRO System captures sequences of high resolution, colour 3D facial performance data using nine synchronised 12-megapixel machine vision cameras. For closeup shots that require the most photo-real data possible, or the highest fidelity FACS, ROMS, and visemes for rigging and machine learning, the DI4D PRO system is unmatched, recreating the exact movements of any facial performance. Our DI4D PRO service includes on-set delivery, setup, supervision and 4D post-processing, ensuring your studio has the very best performance possible.


We provide a full facial performance capture service with either our UK-based system, on-location or our LA-based system and studio facilities. We’ll set up and operate a DI4D PRO System at your studio’s location of choice.

Marker Free

The DI4D PRO System uses standard video lighting and doesn’t require any markers, make-up or structured light projection.

Highest Fidelity

The DI4D PRO System employs nine synchronised machine vision cameras with resolution of 4112 x 3008 pixels, capturing at up to 30 fps. The cameras are arranged in three “pods” of three cameras each: two monochrome (for 4D reconstruction) and one colour (for texture).

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When projects require high fidelity facial animation in scenes with dynamic, free-moving actor performances, the DI4D HMC (Head-Mounted Camera) is the perfect solution. The DI4D HMC solution is flexible, capturing [4D] facial-performance data simultaneously from multiple actors alongside any full-body motion capture solution. Each of the stereo pair of cameras captures at a resolution of 3mp at 60 FPS, ensuring the highest quality possible while actors move freely.


We provide a full on-location facial performance capture service, set up and supervision of the DI4D HMC System at your studio’s location of choice. The HMCs can be synchronized with the “house” time code allowing them to shoot in synchronisation with your studio’s optical motion capture systems.

Stereo Cameras

We can track dense, 3D facial performance data from just two cameras fitted in place on the DI4D HMC system


Set up and move. The DI4D HMC tracks data wirelessly, providing actors with complete free movement

Download sample data

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