PURE4D 2.0

The world’s most precise pipeline for digital double facial animation

Game Changer for Facial Capture

PURE4D 2.0 delivers faithfulness to performance and high-fidelity facial animation at scale for the next generation of video games.

Powered by DI4D’s unique mesh tracking solution, PURE4D 2.0 combines accurate facial performance data from DI4D HMC systems with even higher fidelity expression data from DI4D PRO and it uses advanced machine learning technology to do this more efficiently and in volume. 

PURE4D 2.0 also makes facial capture simpler and smarter. Our pioneering approach does not require a traditional facial animation rig as part of the process – significantly reducing both complexity and cost from your projects. It is also more efficient and scalable than any 4D facial capture solution on the market. PURE4D 2.0 is designed to meet the requirements of large scale next-gen game projects that require thousands of seconds of the highest quality facial animation.

Below is a teaser from the soon-to-be-released animated short, Double, starring Neil Newbon. The film’s facial animation is driven entirely by PURE4D 2.0.

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In Game and At Scale

Capture 4D facial performance data in its purest form and drive the facial animation of in-game digital doubles. PURE4D is built for next-gen systems, providing the same stunning level of detail and realism that was previously only available for blockbuster movies.

Our machine learning technology provides unprecedented scalability, there’s no game or visual effects project too big for PURE4D. Convey every emotion and nuance of an actors’ performance and render it in real-time using the Unreal Engine.

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World-leading 4D technology

Our 4D technology is already used by the world’s biggest studios in video games and movies including Activision, Digital Domain, MPC, Remedy Entertainment, Electronic Arts and many more. Pure4D brings together the fidelity of the DI4D PRO system, the versatility and freedom of the DI4D HMC system and combined with advanced machine learning algorithms is scalable for the largest projects.


The DI4D PRO system consists of 9 synchronized 12-megapixel machine vision cameras that use standard video lighting. There’s no need for markers, make-up or structured light projection.


The DI4D HMC is lightweight and adjustable. It’s fitted with two synchronized, high-res, digital video cameras, on-board LED lights, a compact video recording system and battery pack. It works seamlessly alongside any performance capture solution.


Our 4D Reconstruction Pipeline consistently reproduces every nuance and subtle movement in an actor’s facial performance.

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