PURE4D 2.0

Authentic facial animation for Digital Doubles

Real performances, in-game.

PURE4D efficiently delivers the highest level of fidelity and realism for the world’s biggest video game titles.

By combining facial performance data from a HMC (head-mounted camera) with high-fidelity data from a seated 4D capture system, PURE4D produces a level of scale and quality far beyond the capabilities of traditional animation pipelines.

It’s clean, highly detailed facial animation that doesn’t require complex rigs while remaining adaptable to any studio’s internal setup.

The PURE4D 2.0 pipeline explained

Scale and quality without compromise.

PURE4D delivers an unmatched level of fidelity while offering studios greater consistency and efficiency.

Our powerful machine learning technology continually learns an actor’s facial expressions, reducing manual cleanup and significantly increasing both the repeatability and efficiency of the pipeline.

No game is too big.

The technology

PURE4D 2.0 is built from our own proprietary facial capture technology, developed over 21 years of professional service.

We pioneered marker-less facial capture technology in both our DI4D PRO system and HMC, improving accuracy and reducing time on set. It’s non-intrusive and provides the actor and director with complete freedom to develop expressive and engaging scenes.  

Our 4D Reconstruction Pipeline consistently reproduces every nuance and subtle movement in an actor’s facial performance.

PURE4D is compatible with our in-house hardware and third-party dual camera HMCs and 4D capture systems, allowing us to adapt seamlessly to your studio’s setup.

The power of real performances

We’re already the partner of choice for major global studios, delivering hours of facial animation for leading triple-A franchises, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & 3 and F1® 21 & 23.

PURE4D 2.0 is the fastest and most effective way to translate real performances onto in-game digital doubles.

DOUBLE, driven by PURE4D 2.0.

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