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From ‘Blade Runner 2049’ to ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’, we provide performance-driven facial animation services for the world’s most lifelike digital humans. We’re proud to be the partner of choice for studios including Activision, DNEG, Moving Picture Company, Remedy Entertainment, Sony Imageworks, Warner Brothers, Electronic Arts and more.

DI4D’s proprietary technology delivers the world’s most precise and accurate pipeline for bringing digital doubles to life. Combined with 20 years’ experience and unrivalled level of client service, our team is available to support projects across film, games, the metaverse and beyond.

The DI4D difference We bring digital humans to life with nuanced facial expressions captured faithfully from an actor’s performance and translate it directly to their digital avatars. With our precise facial movement data, your studio can build life-like, high-fidelity replicas.

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We’re world leaders in performance-driven facial animation. By capturing and faithfully reproducing data derived from real life performances, we give productions complete confidence in achieving an unsurpassed level of realism. We provide a full, on-location setup with our systems and deliver unrivalled support from our team of experts.

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We are the world’s leading 4D facial performance capture service that specializes in animation for digital doubles. Since 2003, we’ve been dedicated to evolving proprietary technology based on our own PHD research to consistently innovate at the cutting edge of what is technically possible in our field. With bases in the UK and US, we work globally with partners across the entertainment and research sectors to develop and deliver high resolution 3D facial image capture and 4D facial performance capture systems, software and services.

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