Mary May

Far Cry 5 : Official Resistance Trailer

Mary May

For Mary May, we provided 4D facial performance capture and processing services to Blur Studios for the Far Cry 5 Official Resistance Trailer. DI4D supervised the HMC shoot in Los Angeles, where we captured the actors full performance in a single day.

Client & Agency

Blur Studio


May 26th, 2017

Facial Performance

Blur Studios, one of the World’s leading animation and VFX studios, created all three of the Far Cry 5 trailers. For Mary May, the goal was to create a tense, contradictory scene, where Mary is seems to be doing normal bar tending duties, only to reveal her true actions. DI4D were responsible for supervising the shoot and produced all of the facial animation for the trailer. The piece makes heavy use of close up shots where the emotion is displayed in full screen. We were able to help Blur capture this, producing a truly memorable trailer for the game.