Arena Breakout – Winner Takes All

DI4D helped The Mill deliver realistic facial animation for Arena Breakout’s cinematic trailer.

Arena Breakout

“Winner Takes All” is an award-winning, CG animated trailer promoting the release of Morefun Studios’ game, Arena Breakout. Directed by Morten Vinther, the cinematics were created by The Mill.

The trailer use multiple perspectives to tell a story which is both gritty and thrilling, depicting a dark warzone that contains competing special forces units. The Mill wanted to bring viewers as close to the action as possible and needed to ensure the human characters in the trailer were as a believable as a live action shoot.

To achieve this, the creative studio used our specialist facial capture service and technology to obtain highly engaging acting performances. First, HMC systems were used to capture the facial performances of the actors simultaneously with body mocap on Rouge Mocap’s LA stage. Then, the actors repeated their facial and voice performances in Rouge’s ADR booth while they were captured in even higher fidelity using our seated DI4D PRO system. The footage from the HMCs was shown as reference to the actors to help ensure that their final DI4D PRO performances closely matched the mocap scene. The resulting facial animation was stunningly effective.

Arena Breakout – Winner Takes All subsequently won the Brand Content Visual Effects category at Ciclope Asia, 2022.

Client & Agency

The Mill


October 2022

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