Dimensional Imaging Ltd (DI4D), a world-leading facial performance capture company delivers a new version of their high-resolution 3D facial image capture system the “DI4D SNAP” to University of Glasgow School of Mathematics and Statistics and University College Cork Dental School and Hospital.

The DI4D SNAP 6200 is a passive stereophotogrammetry system that uses six 24-megapixel digital still cameras to instantly capture extremely high fidelity full-color 3D facial images of a subject.  

The System requires no pattern projection or laser scanning onto the scene ensuring it is quick and easy to use for any research purpose. 

Along with the system, DI4D will offer version 8 of the 3D procession and viewing software that can capture, process and manage subject data efficiently and effectively. 

Compared to the previous iteration of DI4D SNAP, the system now comes with additional higher-resolution cameras giving better coverage of the subject and higher end results.