Sonnie’s Edge

Love Death & Robots

Sonnie’s Edge

On the Love, Death & Robots episode, Sonnie’s Edge, we provided 4D facial performance capture and processing services to Blur Studios for the animated short. DI4D supervised the HMC shoot at Rouge Motion Capture, in Los Angeles, where we captured the performances of eight of the lead characters.

Client & Agency

Blur Studio


March 15th, 2019

Facial Performance

Blur Studios, one of the World’s leading animation and VFX studios, created the episode titled, Sonnie’s Edge, A futuristic tale with a truly wicked twist. The project was challenging, DI4D were responsible for supervising the week long shoot and produced all of the facial animation for all eight of the main characters and additional material. The piece features a variety of different characters and wide range of emotions from extremely high energy enthusiasm to low-key seduction. We were able to capture all of this for Blur, who then stylised the performances to give it’s futuristic feel.

Love, Death & Robots

Created by Tim Miller and David Fincher, Love, Death and Robots is an 18-part series of animated shorts commissioned by Blur Studio and published by Netflix. DI4D provided 4D facial performance capture and processing services for four episodes of Netflix’s animated series Love, Death and Robots, these episodes were Helping Hand, Aquila Rift, Sonnie’s Edge and Shape Shifters.