HOME, don’t let it become a memory. We provided DI4D PRO facial performance capture and processing services to this project in collaboration with Braw Productions and Lua Studios. DI4D supervised the PRO shoot in Glasgow, where we captured the Ian Hanmore’s gripping performance in a single day, along with all the audio at Savalas.

Client & Agency

Braw Productions


April 2020

Facial Performance

The goal of the short film was to create a memorable and powerful piece, with an intense and intimate performance. DI4D were responsible for supervising the shoot and produced all of the facial animation for the film. The piece has minutes of extreme close up shots where the emotion is clearly visible, and there is no where to hide. We were able to help bring this project to life and it is a great example of what can be achieved using the DI4D PRO system.

Home has gone on to win several awards at various animation and film festivals around the world.