High-fidelity, dynamic performance capture


The DI4D HMC (Head-Mounted Camera) is an industry-leading solution that can be used to capture 4D facial-performance data from multiple actors alongside full-body motion capture. The DI4D HMC system is wireless, lightweight and comfortable, allowing actors to roam freely without inhibiting their performance. The sculpted design and markerless technology also feels much less intrusive for the actor, enabling them to focus on acting and forget about technology.

Fitted with a stereo pair of 4MP cameras, the system is built with synchronised, on-board strobed LED illumination which ensure excellent camera focus and equal illumination across the face that doesn’t artificially increase brightness.  The DI4D HMC has an easily adjustable head rig with an innovative head-band and boom design. This eliminates pinch points for greater subject comfort and excellent camera stability.

Advanced Technology

The DI4D HMC is fitted with a stereo pair of 4MP cameras  that capture at a resolution of 3mp at 60 FPS, up to 1536 x 2048 high frame rate.  It is built with synchronised, on-board strobed LED illumination to create equal illumination across the actors face.

Enhanced Performance

Built for comfort, the DI4D HMC is both lightweight and adjustable and the innovative padding moulds offer a bespoke fit.  It is also completely marker free and wireless with a lightweight battery pack and recorder, enabling the actor to roam freely.


We can provide a full on-location facial performance capture service; setting up and supervising a DI4D HMC System capture session wherever it is needed.