DI4D Presenting at VIEW 2021

4D Facial Capture for Next-Generation Digital Doubles

We’re pleased to announce that our co-founders Colin Urquhart and Douglas Green are leading an online session at this year’s View Conference titled, 4D Facial Capture for Next-Generation Digital Doubles. View Conference is the annual international VFX computer graphics conference taking place between 17th and 22nd October 2021. The conference is hosted both in Turin and online for delegates around the globe.

As digital human characters continue to become ever more realistic, generating sufficiently believable facial animation using traditional approaches is increasingly challenging. In their talk Colin and Dug will describe how an alternative approach with 4D facial capture to create digital doubles can now produce higher realism with lower effort.

Colin and Dug will present the inside track on how this approach was used to create 60 character minutes of high fidelity facial animation with a modestly sized team in two months for the “Braking Point” cinematic story mode in Codemasters’ F1® 2021 video game. Central to the project was DI4D’s proprietary facial capture system Pure4D which delivers faithfulness to performance at scale for the next generation of video games.

Find out about the advantages of a “direct-drive” approach to facial animation, versus a more traditional control rig-based approach – improved realism, subtlety, and nuance, all with the negation of complex facial animation control rigs for each character. There’s also no need for significant animation polish, and all with improved integration of face, body and voice performances. 

During the talk Colin and Dug will also explain why this approach has major implications for character development, actor casting and the importance and conduct of the performance capture sessions. The talk will be followed by a live Q&A during which Colin and Dug will answer questions from the audience about the session as well as DI4D’s pioneering work in the 4D facial capture digital double space.

View Conference takes place between 17th and 22nd October 2021. The DI4D session is scheduled for 6:45pm BST / 10:45am PDT. Get your tickets to be in pole position for this unmissable session and check out the rest of the program on the View website here.

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