DI4D Launches New Head-Mounted Camera

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new Head-Mounted Camera – the only HMC available to buy that is optimized for 4D facial performance capture.

  • High-end stereo camera specification 
  • Comfortable and excellent camera stability and fit
  • Innovative and intuitive DI4Dlive software

Our new HMC system enables realistic, high fidelity facial capture with the free movement of actors. The solution can be used to acquire facial performance in tandem with full-body motion capture, achieving full performance capture of multiple actors simultaneously.

A high-end solution for facial motion capture that is designed to deliver the highest quality data even under high-pressure production conditions while maintaining a high degree of actor comfort.

Our intuitive DI4Dlive software offers a range of innovative features to simplify and speed up the process of setting up HMCs accurately and consistently for multiple performers and over multiple sessions.

The HMC is fitted with a stereo pair of high-quality 4MP cameras and a fine focus adjustment mechanism to ensure that captured images are always as sharp as possible. The onboard diffuse LED lighting panel ensures that illumination is as even as possible across the actor’s face. Synchronising the lighting to the cameras reduces the apparent brightness for the actor, while still allowing capture with an aperture of F/2.5 for better depth of focus, short exposure to minimise motion blur and low gain to reduce image noise. Continuous wireless synchronisation ensures that multiple HMCs remain accurately synchronised to the master timecode at up to 60fps.

Discover all the features of our new DI4D HMC system in this short video. 

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