DI4D recently sat down with award-winning VFX Supervisor and Technical Director Allan McKay on episode 369 of his renowned podcast. The Allan McKay podcast is a creative and career-related podcast focusing on Design, Film, Visual Effects and Video Games. 

Our Co-Founders Colin Urquhart and Douglas Green spoke to Allan about our proprietary technology for facial animation, the innovative thinking behind the process, digital doubles, the uncanny valley, facial capture rigs and our behind-the-scenes motion capture processes.

Colin and Dug also share their experience on several DI4D projects such as the viral spot Einstein’s Bath (in which Albert Einstein was brought back to life), the Academy Award-winning movie  Blade Runner 2049 (for the iconic scene where the replicant Rachael returns); and much more.

The discussion touched on the history of the industry and the evolution of visual effects over the 20 years since our launch. Also on the agenda were the impact of COVID-19 and the move toward remote working.
It was inspiring talking to someone with his finger on the pulse of contemporary VFX and McKay describes it as: “a really cool episode.”  Sound interesting? You can listen to the whole podcast here or check out Allan’s website.

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